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When regulating business succession various tax aspects must be considered, on a company-level and with both old and new company members. The tax implications greatly depend on the legal form of the transferring company as well as the legal status of its successor. Since this cannot be changed in the short term without tax consequences, it is advisable to consider who can be regarded for succession of the company at an early stage. In addition, the Swiss Federal Supreme Court is making it increasingly difficult for the entrepreneur-shareholder to achieve tax-exempt private capital gains on the sale of their shares.

PrimeTax can help you in the following ways:

  • Non-binding tax analysis of your current situation on a business and private level
  • Creation of a tax overview to determine how and to whom your business can pay tax – at the most favourable rate
  • Restructuring of your company to make it is as attractive as possible for the potential successor so that you can achieve the highest possible selling price
  • Seller due diligence and/or support with buyer due diligence from a tax perspective
  • Review of purchase contracts
  • Ensuring the optimal tax settlement is achieved
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