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Why PrimeTax? What can PrimeTax offer?



Our size allows us to respond to the needs of our customers rapidly and flexibly. Our mandate approval process can be completed in a very short time. This allows us to immediately begin with the analysis of the case and the development of a solution.

We can individually adjust the fee calculation according to the situation of our clients and – where possible – we offer binding fixed fees.

In legal proceedings, it is customary for us to agree upon a success-based fee with our customers. With this we give our customers the security that their case has a good chance of success and that our tax consultants will handle proceedings thoroughly and efficiently.



Stefan Widmer, the leading partner of PrimeTax, has more than 25 years of experience in tax consultancy. Most of our executive staff gained their professional experience in one of the “Big 4” tax companies and are looking forward to sharing their decades of expertise with clients. We have intentionally decided to work in an open-plan office to keep the information channels short and the exchange of knowledge efficient. The infrastructure offers the opportunity to discuss the circumstances of current mandates and the latest developments in the world of taxation on an ongoing basis. In this way, we provide our customers with the combined knowledge and experience of more than ten experts in the fields of direct and indirect taxation (VAT and customs) at all times.

Individuelle Lösungsansätze

Individual solutions

We do not supply prefabricated products. We take the time to understand individual situations and the concerns of our clients to come up with a customised solution tailored to their needs.

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