Tax Accounting

The preparation of the annual financial statements is usually characterized by deadlines and time pressure. When the deadline arrives the tax positions still have to be correctly accounted for. We support and reduce the workload for you. 

In the area of tax accounting, we offer the following services:

  • Support in the preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements (stand-alone financial statements and consolidated financial statements)
  • Conversion of US GAAP and IFRS annual financial statements to financial statements in accordance with the Swiss Code of Obligations
  • Calculation of current and deferred taxes (Swiss Code of Obligations, IFRS, US-GAAP, Swiss GAAP FER)
  • Valuation and accounting of uncertain tax positions
  • Support in the preparation of the notes to the financial statements (incl. tax rate reconciliation)
  • Preparation and set-up of a tax reporting system
  • Support regarding conversion and adjustment of accounting to take advantage of tax benefits such as patent box or R&D deduction
  • Customer-specific outsourcing of tax accounting and CFO tasks
  • Support with reporting obligations in connection with the BEPS measures (country-by-country reporting, OECD minimum taxation, etc.)

Contact Person

Dominic Nazareno - PrimeTax Ltd

Dominic Nazareno

M.A. HSG, Certified tax expert
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Fabio Antonini - PrimeTax Ltd

Fabio Antonini

MLaw UZH, Certified tax expert
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