Negotiation and litigation, dispute resolution

In order to deal with the specifics of a case, it is often necessary to negotiate with tax authorities or to appeal to the courts. PrimeTax supports in all aspects of dispute resolution and dispute prevention through negotiation or litigation in connection with all communal, cantonal and federal tax matters.

Assessment procedures &
tax audits

  • Support with tax audits and tax investigations
  • Analysis of the tax-relevant facts with focus on existing risks and options for action
  • Evaluation of the most appropriate negotiating position and tactics
  • Development of defensive strategies
  • Conduct of negotiations with tax authorities
  • Implementation of the negotiation results
  • Preparation of tax opinions
  • Raising of appeals

Legal proceedings

  • Analysis of the prospects of success and costs of litigation

  • Litigation in front of tax judicial authorities and the Federal Supreme Court


Special proceedings

  • Post-trial and criminal tax proceedings

  • Non-punitive voluntary declarations

  • Post-taxation in inheritance cases

  • International exchange of information and administrative assistance procedures

  • Mutual agreement procedure and arbitration proceedings

Contact Person

Patrick Scherrer - PrimeTax Ltd

Patrick Scherrer

Dr. iur., M.A. HSG, Certified tax expert
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