Fintech and companies in the Blockchain area

PrimeTax has specialized know-how in emerging technologies and has acquired in-depth knowledge in the Blockchain area. We regularly engage in debates in order to represent the interests of the Blockchain and Fintech industry. 

PrimeTax is member of the Swiss Blockchain Federation and co-heads its corporate tax subgroup.

Our tax services in the emerging technologies sector include:

  • Structuring corporate fundraising by issuing and launching tokens or raising funds through IPOs, ICOs and STOs 
  • Business model transformation into a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) 
  • Tax classification, valuation, accounting and declaration of digital assets
  • Tax analysis of the implementation of airdrops  
  • Establishment of foundation and association structures in Switzerland and Liechtenstein
  • Obtaining rulings from the relevant tax authorities 
  • Tax planning for companies with a high amount of crypto currencies in their balance sheet 
  • Launching share option programs for employees, in which not only traditional participation rights but also tokens are granted

Contact Person

Dominic Nazareno - PrimeTax Ltd

Dominic Nazareno

M.A. HSG, Certified tax expert
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