Assistance with tax audits

Tax audits can be challenging for you and your business. The preparation for a tax audit always has to be done carefully. Based on our experience, we know what it takes to accompany a tax audit efficiently and successfully. 

In the context of tax audits, we offer the following services:

  • Initial contact with the tax authorities
  • Provision of an electronic data room for easy and efficient preparation
  • Tax due diligence to identify potential tax risks
  • Determination of an ideal strategy and preparation of a solid presentation of the case
  • Representation or participation in tax audits
  • Analysis of audit results and negotiations with the authorities
  • Initiation and management of appeal and objection procedures

Contact Person

Patrick Scherrer - PrimeTax Ltd

Patrick Scherrer

Dr. iur., M.A. HSG, Certified tax expert
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Fabio Antonini - PrimeTax Ltd

Fabio Antonini

MLaw UZH, Certified tax expert
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