PrimeTax advises and assists you as a private client in all matters of national and international tax law. We know the peculiarities of the different cantonal legislations and the needs depending on your stage of life.

We have many years of experience in the following areas:

  • Income and wealth taxes
  • Tax planning and tax optimization, considering national, international and pension law aspects
  • Valuation and declaration of assets without market value (unlisted shares, digital assets, etc.)
  • Advising individuals in connection with digital assets (declaration of crypto currencies, mining and staking activities, etc.)
  • Tax analysis, planning and declaration of variable salary components (such as in form of employee stock ownership plans)
  • Assistance with non-punitive voluntary declarations as well as post-tax and punitive tax proceedings
  • Negotiation of lump-sum taxation agreements
  • Planning and support of real estate transactions and their tax implications, in connection with real estate gains and transfer taxes
  • Estate planning including inheritance and gift taxes

Moving to a new country requires good organization. Often, one is confronted with completely new tax and legal conditions in the country of relocation. The tax systems of the individual countries can differ widely from each other. Therefore, it is important to know what needs to be considered before moving away and when moving into a new country. In cooperation with our international partners, we support individuals when moving to Switzerland as well as when leaving Switzerland. 

In the area of taxes as well as social security's we offer the following services:

  • Analysis of the tax consequences in the country of departure (so-called exit taxation)
  • Analysis of the extent of the tax liability in Switzerland
  • Ensuring the avoidance of double taxation in the country of departure and immigration
  • Clarification regarding social security obligations in Switzerland
  • Registration with the tax administration and other authorities
  • Making any necessary notifications to the authorities
  • Advice on the withdrawal of pension fund assets in the event of leaving Switzerland

The process of business succession is often a lengthy and emotional one. The tax consequences for all parties involved depend heavily on the legal form of the business to be transferred as well as the structure of the buyer. Early planning is recommended to ensure that the process can be carried out smoothly.

PrimeTax can support you in this process with the following matters:

  • Analysis of the current tax situation at the level of the seller and the company
  • Identifying the tax implications of the various transfer and financing possibilities and developing the optimal solution from a tax perspective
  • Support in the restructuring of the company regarding the transfer involved
  • Carrying out tax due diligence
  • Assistance in obtaining advance tax rulings
  • Assistance in drafting or reviewing purchase agreements

Completing your own tax return is often underestimated. It goes far beyond simply entering income and assets on the tax form. Tax optimization opportunities can be identified and implemented based on the tax return. The need for a complete tax return is more important than ever in times of increasing transparency between authorities as well as the automatic exchange of information between individual countries. Even an accidental omission to declare income can result in subsequent and/or punitive tax proceedings.

Our experienced team will assist you throughout the entire tax return process, from the preparation to the review of the final tax assessment.

Our tax compliance service range:

  • Providing a checklist of all relevant supporting documents and information
  • Completion of the tax return, considering the family situation and the different cantonal circumstances
  • Physical or online submission of the tax return
  • Assistance with the filing procedures of the tax authorities
  • Review of provisional tax invoices and support in adjusting payments on account to avoid interest charges
  • Review of definitive tax assessments
  • Analysis of the chances of success of appeals in case of deviations from the tax declaration