Building a Supply Chain in Europe: Tax considerations | Webinar

On July 6 2023, PrimeTax AG and Supply Chain Operations SA held a webinar that was themed: Building a Supply Chain in Europe: Tax considerations.

Dominic Nazareno (Partner Corporate Tax) and Christoph Drexl (Partner Indirect Taxes) together with the co-hosts discussed topics such as.

  • What are the key Tax considerations for a Life Sciences company?
  • How do they change accros the different life stage:
    • Early stage focussing on R&D
    • Moving into Clinical stage
    • And for Commercial Operations

During the Q&A, the panellists discussed questions such as:

  • At which stage is it best to start thinking of tax optimized Supply Chain?
  • When considering Switzerland for the principal company, what are the main opportunities and challenges?
  • What are the tax reasons for NewCo to establish LRD's in certain countries?
  • Do you have recommandations in terms of Fiscal Representation when registering in the EU for distribution (3PL)?
  • Is there any exposure to permanent establishment when doing value added services (repacking, labeling, kitting) at the EU warehouse?

A recording of the webinar can be accessed by following this link. link abrufen.